ROUND IS HEALTHY ! (ROND IS GEZOND !) Futuristic Architecture Projects

Imagine that You are walking through the CITY which gives You more energy.
Imagine that You are walking through the CITY which makes You more calm.
Imagine working or living in a room that makes you more creative, more productive, healthier and happier.

OLA ARCHITECTEN is known as an agency with a mission to make people aware about the positive influence of round, smooth, soft, natural, organic, futuristic forms in architecture on our psycho-physical HEALTH. 

Those shapes are in harmony with man and nature. 
There are many scientific researches around the world which support this statement.

Almost everything what we create based is on a square shape. We think square.
Everything what creates nature is based on natural, smooth, soft, round, rounded, organic forms.
WE ARE NATURE, but we have forgotten about it: Mother Earth, vegetables, fruits, animals, our body, our blood cells, DNA, uterus - our first home. The perfect nature based is on the Fibonacci spiral principle.

Have you ever seen a square man/woman? :)))

Which object do You think is more beautiful? Round or square?
Which interior do You prefer? The square or the round interior is nicer?

58% of people find round or rounded objects more beautiful (Impact of contour on aesthetic judgments and approach-avoidance decisions in architecture; Oshin Vartanian and team, 2013).

Majority. And that's important because according to scientists, people who work or live in a BEAUTIFUL environment are healthier and happier (Quantifying the Impact of Scenic Environments on Health Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe, Tobias Preis & Helen Susannah Moat, 2015).

Worldwide Neuro anatomical studies show us that when we are looking at a square object: the Amygdala is activated and it's responsible for the feelings of: FEAR and NERVEUSITY. When we look at rounded objects, another part of our brain is activated: the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, which is strongly responsible for the feeling of REWARD (Visual elements of subjective preference modulate amygdala activation, Moshe Bar∗, Maital Neta, 2007; Impact of contour on aesthetic judgments and approach-avoidance decisions in architecture, Oshin Vartanian and team, 2013).

There are many facts that make futuristic architecture more attractive in the longer term. Among other things: safety, sustainability, beauty.

Steve Jobs knew that rounded objects are nicer for people and he has used it with great success in his products, but also in his main building in California.

Now comes the question: is it more expensive? With the traditional building techniques: yes.
Latest technologies such as 3D printing, BIM speed up building process up to 50-70% and make it affordable for everyone !!

OLA ARCHITECTEN creates futuristic projects like Healthy School, Hostel for Hope, Energy-autarkic Villa Almere,  Futuristic Workspace, Futuristic Bathroom, Futuristic Living room, Futuristic Bedroom, Villa Amsterdam as an example of healthy architecture.

What can You improve NOW as an INNOVATOR in your own workspace?
Start with your own furniture !! Make them rounded.

We believe in the HEALING Power of Futuristic Architecture.

Radio Rijnmond, RTW and magazine Cobouw interviewed Aleksandra about her debate: "Architecture of the Future. Healthy Round" and scientific research. Hereby her intro lecture from the Debate in November 2016:

She has obtained publications in all leading professional journals, magazines and online platforms in construction and architecture.


Aleksandra has given within one year more than 30 lectures in the whole Netherlands about the architecture of the future:

She also writes articles herself, for example for School Domain: Solid and well thought out:

In May 2017 Aleksandra was presenting ROND IS GEZOND concept by TEDx Rotterdam. TED is internationally known as an organisation supporting "Ideas worth spreading".

In July 2017 Aleksandra was also bringing dutch organizations and companies together to gain resources for more scientific research "Healthy Round". She works in close collaboration with Thomas van Rompay an Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Science (Psychology) of the University of Twente (UT) in the Netherlands. The two villas are going to be built: an organic and a square one, for several families with two children. Each family will live in both villas for 6 months. They are going to be examined mentally and physically by the scientists:

In November 2017 she organised together with Municipality of Rotterdam Inspiration Day: 'The Healthy School of the Future' for school boards, school directors, teachers, employees of the municipalities, Ministry and Journalists. The summary report made together with the participants Aleksandra send to the relevant Ministers and the Minister-President of the Netherlands.