ROUND IS HEALTHY! (ROND IS GEZOND!) Futuristic Architecture Projects

In 2010 Aleksandra Suchowska set up a small office OLA ARCHITECTEN in Rotterdam.

OLA ARCHITECTEN develops internationally futuristic architecture with latest technologies for companies, municipalities and governments to support global HEALTH.

The latest technologies, such as 3D printing, offers us the possibility to build soft shapes and accelerate the process of construction up to 50%. This makes futuristic architecture available for everyone.

OLA ARCHITECTEN works together with 3D print specialists and apply these new techniques to produce unique shapes.
We are using advanced programs like Grasshopper, Rhino, Revit (BIM) to design directly to production. It saves time, compatibility of information, speeds up construction & reduces costs.

OLA ARCHITECTEN creates different types and scales of buildings with innovative solutions and materials. We have the knowledge, expertise, network and partners to present and build next-level visions for the CITY OF THE FUTURE.