Infinity, Site Art Centre
Architectural Competition, Fortress of Cresmina in Cascais, Portugal

Imagine that you are getting inside a garden-like space. You touch a lot of subtropical trees and plants. You pick up and eat some fruits. The butterflies are flying around you while you are buying a ticket to see the Art. You enter the ruins and you see a lot of half-spheres made out of glass-like material. You can observe how people that work here are changing the transparency of all the walls. There are no corridors. You walk on the grass, between all kinds of plants, flowers and sculptures. Another visitors enjoys it not less then you. Before you enter any of this spheres you feel relaxed. Inside each of them you experience calmness and special kind of connection with the exposed Art.  On the other site of that space you drink cappuccino in a café from where you enjoy the view with the rocks, see and mountains. After it you go to sit under the citrus tree to enjoy more of the Infinity See. You want to stay in that Paradise of Art. Stay here for ∞.




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