Flying GreenCity
Architectural-Urban Competition, Europan 13, Bergen, Norway

This is how the project could influence your habits even if you only live next to it. What about if you live inside? Still we believe that nature has a decisive impact on human personality and attitudes so is not only the contact between the people and the nature but it is the building itself that is looking for green and water by protrude itself to the lake.
The building become part of nature itself and sharing became part of people. We bring green all over  and even in the edifice . The aim of this is let children free to play in safety place, free from the cars traffic that we make  “invisible” covering it by the hill. As it is a safety place for children,it is also an intertaining area for teenagers where they can play skatebords, a romantic view for couple and a cozy park for family and elder people. It is an EVOLUTION of life.




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